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Types of Evidence in a Dallas Car Accident Case

Dallas Car Accident AttorneyHaving a good personal injury claim for insurance or for a lawsuit means having all of the evidence related to the car accident. Your car accident attorney will help you gather evidence, but he or she cannot know the intimate details of the accident like you do.

Good evidence is important because the person seeking damages, the plaintiff, has the burden to prove that the other party was at fault. The plaintiff also needs to prove that they actually suffered injuries and damages that were the result of the accident. Meeting this burden means that every claim the plaintiff has must be supported by evidence. Without this evidence, a court or jury could not award monetary damages, even if they wanted to. There are at least three types of evidence that plaintiff should gather to help their car accident attorney with their personal injury case.

Evidence in a Dallas Car Accident

Although you may not think of evidence at the scene right away, it is important to find anything related to the accident that might help your case. This means calling the police and having them make a complete report. Tell them everything you can remember about the moments leading up the collision and the crash itself. Get names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the other drivers involved. Also be sure to get driver’s licenses numbers, plate numbers, and insurance information. Note whether any driver was driving on behalf of their employer during the accident. Check for witnesses and get their information as well. Take photographs at the scene if you have a camera or cell phone with you.

Damages Evidence

Most damages in car accidents relate directly to personal injuries and property damage. That means that you should gather as much information on both of these as you can. Go to the doctor to get yourself checked out. Record everything about your injuries. It might be helpful to keep a journal of any pain and suffering you may incur as well as information on which doctors you saw and any treatment obtained. Keep medical bills and ask for a copy of your complete medical records. Be sure not to miss any doctor’s appointments or allow for any gaps in your treatment. You should also take your car to a vehicle repair shop and at least get a quote on how much the repairs will cost.

Evidence Obtained through the Lawsuit

The last form of evidence generally only occurs when you have actually filed a personal injury lawsuit. This includes things like interviews, which require the other driver to answer personal questions and questions about the accident. Depositions will also be helpful evidence. A deposition is a statement given under oath, but it is out of court. Your Dallas car accident attorney will question the other driver and keep this evidence to help with your case. Try to avoid having any recorded conversations with the insurance company without your lawyer’s knowledge. Statements you make could harm your case.

Take the time to gather all of the evidence that you can think of after an accident. It will make your car accident case that much stronger in court later.