Catastrophic Injuries have a Lasting Impact

It is a sad fact that people are injured every day through no fault of their own. Many of these injuries may have a limited impact on the life of the individual, but there are some cases where the damage will have a significant, long-lasting effect on the life of the injured person and possibly their family. For these individuals the quality of representation is crucial and they would be wise to seek out the services of a Dallas catastrophic injury attorney.

Serious Injuries have a Lasting Impact

With a catastrophic injury, the individual is dealing with injuries that will inflict hardships that go far beyond that of the standard personal injury case. This requires the attorney to have skills and knowledge that directly relate to catastrophic injury law. Inadequate representation could result in the injured party not getting all of the compensation that they deserve.

Suffering a catastrophic injury will change the claimant’s life forever. They are likely to never have the same quality of life that they enjoyed before the accident and the injury might even significantly reduce the individual’s life expectancy.

Along with a reduction in the quality of life, the claimant may need continued medical treatments or specialized care services. They might never be able to work again, or it could significantly reduce their ability to earn an income. These are very serious matters for the injured party and they will need a considerable amount of compensation to account for all that they have lost.

Even if all of these things are true of the individual’s injury claim, it is much more difficult to demonstrate and recover compensation for than it is with a more common personal injury claim. You are not just dealing with medical bills and lost wages that can be calculated in a straightforward manner. The attorney has to clear all of the hurdles that come with the more common types of personal injury law and go a few steps further. This includes evidence that will demonstrate the future impact of the injuries. Things like the need for future treatment, the inability to continue working in the way that the client previously had and showing that the client will suffer from a long term or permanent disability.

Catastrophic Injuries Lead to Higher Stakes

In these cases, the stakes are not just high for the claimant, but they are also high for the insurance company. The settlements in catastrophic injury cases tend to be high, so they will try to do everything that they can to reduce the amount of compensation. That is why you need a Dallas catastrophic injury attorney if you are in this situation. An experienced lawyer will have the necessary experience to understand the case and they will have the resources and knowledge that will help to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

Get Help for your Catastrophic Injury

The personal injury lawyers at Guajardo & Marks have a long history of dealing with all manner of personal injury claims. We understand the impact that a catastrophic injury can have and we know how important it is to get the client fair compensation. Our team will dedicate the time and resources that are necessary for you to get the settlement that you deserve.