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The Differences Between a Car Accident and Truck Wreck in Dallas

Truck Wreck in DallasAll automobile accidents pose a risk to the individuals that are involved and they can all result in the potential for a personal injury claim. However, an accident that involves a commercial vehicle can have some significant differences that make it, in many ways, a unique type of personal injury law in and of itself. This is one of the reasons that these cases should be handled by a Dallas truck accident attorney that has experience with litigation of this nature.

Truck Drivers Add Complications

One of the key differences when you are dealing with an accident that involves a commercial vehicle is the fact that one of the drivers is acting in a professional capacity. This brings a completely different meaning to the responsibility of the vehicle operator. Not only is the driver of the commercial vehicle subject to the same laws and road regulations that the average driver is, but they are also required to follow protocols and procedures that far exceed that of other drivers.

With a commercial truck, different questions can arise that would not normally be a part of a case between two or more passenger vehicles. The facts regarding the driver’s training and whether they are properly licensed might come into play. Can it be shown that they failed to follow standard safety procedures for the vehicle that they were operating? A lawyer that is unfamiliar with truck wrecks in Dallas and the lawsuits that may come from one may not have a full understanding of the regulations and obligations that a professional driver works under. This lack of experience can cause them to miss certain points that can be very significant in building the case.

Trucking Companies are Involved

Further, the company that employs the driver has obligations that they must fulfill. The trucking company has to make sure that the driver has the qualifications that they need to operate the commercial vehicle. They also have an obligation to ensure that he understands and follows all of the guidelines for safety that come with their responsibility. In many ways, the trucking company is responsible for everything that the driver does in the commission of his duties.

Sheer Size and Severity of Damage

The difference between these types of accidents becomes even more obvious when you consider the size of a commercial vehicle and the potential damage that it can cause. A tractor-trailer outweighs a passenger car to a significant degree. This means the chances of catastrophic injury and death are much greater with an accident that involves a commercial vehicle. An attorney that is handling a truck wreck lawsuit will not only need to know about the laws and regulations of the trucking industry, but they will also need to have an understanding of how to manage a case that caused a life changing injury or a fatality.

The differences between cases involving commercial vehicles and cases that only involve passenger vehicles are dramatic. Essentially, it is like you have the base of a car accident case and then the complexity gets expanded as you add in all of these factors like the qualifications of the driver and the responsibilities of the trucking company. Hiring a lawyer that has never worked on a truck accident case could leave you unprepared and underrepresented and that could cost you when it comes time for a settlement or a court case.