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Should you File a Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

Hip Replacement LawsuitFor the most part, the medicines and medical devices that are used to treat injury and illness are safe and effective for improving and preserving the life of the individual. However, there are cases where these products fail and cause the patient more pain and suffering than the initial problem that they were seeking treatment for. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed over the past decade as the result of defective hip replacements. With this type of lawsuit, you will want a hip replacement lawyer to ensure that you get adequate representation to recover compensation.

Problems that can arise from a defective hip replacement

With advances in design and technology, hip replacements have become more common in recent years. While these medical devices can help patients to live a more full and active life, there are some risks that come along with the procedure. The complications that may arise can lead to severe pain and in many cases, the individual will need to undergo revision surgery, which is typically more complicated and more expensive than the initial hip replacement surgery.

  • Particle debris: As the individual uses the new hip, the abrasive force of their regular movements will cause particles to wear away from the different components of the implant. Depending on the material, this can cause complications like metallosis.
  • Metallosis: This is a condition where the individual has an elevated level of metallic debris in the blood or soft tissue. This can lead to additional complications like implant failure, severe joint pain and bone deterioration.
  • Necrosis: This is a type of cell damage that leads to the premature death of body tissue. With a defective hip replacement, this may affect the tissue around the implant.
  • Osteolysis: This is the most common complication associated with hip replacements. This happens when the body recognizes the implant as foreign to the body. The body’s reaction to this foreign element can lead to bone degradation, chronic inflammation and severe pain.

Why file a defective hip replacement lawsuit?

The manufacturers of medical devices have a duty to design their products so that they are safe for the consumer and they also have an obligation to inform consumers of the potential risks of their product. When they fail to meet these responsibilities, it can lead to serious consequences that will often have a lifetime effect on the individuals that they have harmed. A faulty hip replacement can cause the individual to suffer more pain than they were in before the surgery. In almost every case, the patient will need to seek additional medical treatments to correct the problem. When a product causes this type of damage to the consumer, the situation demands compensation.

If you are having problems as the result of a hip replacement, you might want to consider what your rights are and possibly file a hip replacement lawsuit. Even if the manufacturer has issued a recall, accepting this agreement might not be in your best interest. Many times these agreements don’t cover all of the resulting costs and they rarely ever compensate for the suffering of the individual. Contact an experienced hip implant attorney like the ones from Guajardo & Marks before you sign any agreement that may reduce your rights to compensation.