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2012 Commercial Vehicle Accident Statistics

2012 Commercial Vehicle Accident StatisticsAccidents that involve a commercial truck tend to be some of the most dangerous that occur. This is largely due to the fact that a large commercial vehicle outweighs the average passenger vehicle to a significant degree. These accidents are much more likely to result in consequences like catastrophic injury and death and in many cases, the driver or the trucking companies are responsible due to some level of negligence. The claims that come from these accidents have more working parts than a claim that only involves passenger vehicles. To successfully navigate this process and bring it to a fair conclusion, you need an attorney that not only understands the relevant aspects of personal injury law, but one that also has insight into the commercial trucking industry.

A trucking accident can happen on almost any road at almost any time. With Dallas being one of the commercial and industrial centers of the state, accidents involving large trucks are more common here than they are in many other places. With that in mind, the truck wreck lawyers from Guajardo & Marks would like to provide you with some information about CMV accidents to illustrate the unique dangers that these vehicles pose. The following information reflects commercial vehicle accident statistics for the year 2012.

  • Approximately 317,000 crashes involving large trucks
  • 3,464 of these accidents resulted in fatalities
  • Approximately 73,000 resulted in injuries
  • 104,000 people were injured in accidents involving commercial trucks
  • Of the 30,800 total fatal crashes in 2012 approximately 12% involved a large CMV
  • 1.46 fatalities resulted from every million vehicle miles travelled by large trucks
  • In Texas there were 491 fatal accidents involving large trucks for a total of 568 fatalities
  • There are 11.22 fatal truck crashes per million people nationwide
  • The state of Texas has 19.53 fatal truck crashes every year per million people
  • 82.2% of fatal trucking accidents involve trucks that weigh in excess of 26,000 lb
  • 73.3% of the fatal trucking¬† accidents occurred with vehicles in transport
  • 83.2% of the injury crashes occurred with vehicles in transport
  • 9.5% of people injured in trucking accidents suffered an incapacitating injury
  • 32.6% of these accidents have at least one driver related factor recorded
  • Speeding and distracted driver are the two most common driver related factors that cause trucking accidents.

Getting Help after a Truck Wreck

As you can see from the statistics, commercial trucking accidents may be less common than passenger vehicle accidents, but they also pose a much higher risk of serious injury and death. You may have also noticed that the rate of fatal crashes in the state of Texas is significantly higher than the rate of fatal truck crashes nationwide. In regard to these facts, the best advice that can be given to any driver is to be aware of the different causes of trucking accidents and to be as cautious as possible when sharing the road with these vehicles. For people that have been injured in a crash with a CMV, it is recommended that you contact a truck accident attorney in order to protect any possible right that you may have to compensation.