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Texas Vehicle Accident Statistics for 2013

Texas Vehicle Accident StatisticsThe possibility of getting into a car accident exists for every individual that uses the roads. These accidents can often lead to serious injury or death and the economic impact can be staggering. Many of these accidents are the result of some level of driver negligence and this will likely require the injured parties to seek the services of a Dallas car accident attorney.

The staff at Guajardo & Marks is regularly engaged in some level of litigation that is related to car accidents. We see cases that involve accidents with all sorts of causes and with a range of different injury types. As a personal injury lawyer, you become all too aware of the devastating effects that these accidents can have and how common they really are. This point can be best illustrated by going over some of the traffic accident statistic for Dallas and the entire state.

Texas Vehicle Accident Statistics

Two of the fact sheets that are available from the Texas Department of Transportation provide data that can be useful when trying to get a grip on the number of traffic accidents that occur in the state and the impact that these accidents can have on individuals and the economy. For more information and further study, both of these documents can be found on the Texas DOT crash statistics webpage.

  • 1.4 traffic deaths per hundred million miles traveled
  • 3,377 total traffic deaths statewide
  • 65,539 crashes that resulted in serious injury
  • 89,270 individuals suffered serious injuries in traffic accidents
  • Approximately 44.7% of car accident fatalities were reported as not wearing their seat belt
  • 32.3% of fatalities were in accidents where at least one driver was under the influence of alcohol
  • 460 people were killed in accidents that involved distracted driving
  • The total economic loss from automobile accidents was $25,700,000,000
  • Based on Texas crash statistics 1 person suffered a car accident injury every 2-minutes and 16-seconds
  • Based on Texas crash statistics 1 car accident fatality occurred every 2-hours and 36-minutes

Statistics for the City of Dallas

With Dallas being a highly trafficked metropolitan area, the city has its own fair share of automobile accidents. To get a closer look at some of the statistics and the impact that these accidents have had, let us take a look at some of the local traffic accident statistics as reported by the Texas DOT.

  • 26,846 total crashes reported
  • 14,895 were crashes that did not involve injury
  • 1,572 were crashes that had an unknown severity
  • 3,917 of the crashes resulted in serious injuries
  • 5,129 injuries were reported as the result of traffic accidents
  • 131 crashes involved fatalities
  • 146 fatalities were reported in connection with traffic accidents

As you can see, traffic accidents are very common both statewide and in the Dallas area. These accidents can have serious long-term consequences for all of the parties involved. If you believe that you may need the representation of a skilled Dallas car accident lawyer, contact the team at Guajardo & Marks to schedule a consultation.