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Factors that may Affect your Car Accident Claim in Dallas

Car Accident Claim in DallasEvery state has its own laws that govern personal injury litigation and how they relate to claims that stem from a car accident. For motorists that use the roads in Texas, it is important to understand these laws and how they might apply to a car accident injury claim. If you decide to contact a car wreck lawyer in Dallas, these are two of the many factors that can help to determine the success of your personal injury claim and to what level you may expect to receive compensation.

Automobile Insurance

Car insurance is almost certain to play a key role in any automobile accident claim. An insurance provider is likely to be at least one of the entities that you will attempt to recover compensation from. The amount of coverage and the types of policies that are held by you and the at-fault driver will help to determine the amount of compensation that can be recovered.

Texas is a state that uses the fault system when it comes to auto insurance. In the most basic sense, it means that a driver must have coverage to pay for the accidents that they may cause. This differs from the no-fault system because in a state that uses this system, the insurance provider might have to pay regardless of who is at fault.

Drivers in the state of Texas are also required to have a minimum level of insurance coverage in order to meet the financial responsibilities that may accompany an accident where they are at fault. The basic level of coverage that is required under Texas law covers $25,000 for property damage, $30,000 for personal injury per person and $60,000 for bodily injury per accident. While these are the state minimums, many drivers will have additional coverage to protect against accidents where the damage exceeds these amounts.

Time Limits

Just as in every other state, there is a time limit as to how long an individual can wait to file a claim for a car accident injury. In the state of Texas, the statute of limitations is two years. That means that from the day of the crash, an individual has two years to file a claim for property damage or personal injury.

While two years may sound like plenty of time, it is recommended that you hire a car accident lawyer and file as soon as possible. The procedures that go into car accident claim in Dallas can take a significant amount of time. When you consider investigating and building a case and then negotiating a settlement with the insurer, two years isn’t really that long. Filing the claim early will give the legal team time to take all of the necessary steps and possibly negotiate a fair settlement before they have to file an order to take the case to trial.

These are just two of the basic factors that can affect your ability to receive compensation and how much that compensation will be. However, there are many different factors that come into play. When you hire a Dallas car wreck lawyer, they will explain some of these laws and how they apply to your situation.