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The Need for Rollover Accident Attorneys in Dallas

The Need for Rollover Accident Attorneys in DallasWhile rollovers makeup a small percentage of the traffic accidents that occur every year, they account for a disproportionate percentage of traffic deaths and catastrophic injuries. These accidents tend to be more dangerous than a regular collision due to factors like the vehicle roof being crushed or the occupants being ejected from the vehicle. A lawsuit that involves a vehicle rollover can be a high-stakes affair and the victims will need the assistance of an experienced Dallas rollover accident attorney to protect their rights and argue their case.

Potential Causes of Rollover Accidents

Vehicle instability is one of the main causes of rollover accidents. The increased height and weight of some vehicles, like trucks SUVs and buses, can make them less stable and therefore, more prone to the possibility of a rollover accidents. Securing objects with a significant amount of weight to the top of a vehicle can also make it more top-heavy and less stabile. Cars that have a lower center of gravity and a wider wheelbase will be more stable and less likely to roll.

A sudden turn of the wheel can also cause a rollover accident. If the driver suddenly jerks the wheel in one direction, the weight of vehicle quickly shifts to one side and this can cause it to go into a roll. This is known as an un-tripped or frictional rollover. A tripped rollover is where the vehicle hits an object like a curb or median on one side. According to the U.S. Department of transportation, tripping is the cause for approximately 95% of all rollover accidents.

Multi-vehicle car wrecks can also cause a rollover to occur. When a vehicle is struck from the side – especially those that are top-heavy and unstable – the force of the impact can cause them to rollover. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that about 20% of rollover accidents involve multiple vehicles.

Behaviors like unsafe or distracted driving can also be the cause of a rollover accident. Speeding, driving recklessly and taking your attention off the road can cause all manner of car wrecks. When you engage in tasks like eating, drinking, talking on the phone and so forth while you are driving, your attention is divided away from the road and it increases your chances for a rollover accident.

Poor weather conditions can also lead to a rollover accidents. When the road is slippery, the vehicle is more likely to lose traction. If a vehicle like an SUV or truck loses traction, the driver may over-correct in an attempt to right the vehicle. This loss of traction combined with the over-correction can send the vehicle into a roll.

Tips to Help you Avoid Rollover Accident Injuries

  1. Drive a vehicle that is less prone to rollover. Since vehicles like SUVs, trucks and vans tend to be top-heavy and less stabile, driving them will increase your chances of rollover.
  2. Make sure that all of the vehicle’s occupants wear their seatbelts. The seatbelt is one of the most important safety features in any vehicle. In a rollover, unbelted occupants get tossed around and possibly thrown from the vehicle. This can lead to serious injury or even death.
  3. Drivers should also make sure to take turns safely. Taking a turn with too much speed can send the vehicle off balance and the slightest force could possibly cause a roll. Taking turns at the proper speed will go a long way toward avoiding a rollover.
  4. Vehicle owners should also make sure to keep up on their tire maintenance. If your tires lack balance, the vehicle will be more susceptible to rollover. Keep the air pressure even in all four tires and get them balanced by a professional when they are rotated.
  5. Individuals that employ defensive driving techniques are also less likely to experience a rollover. Give other motorists a wide berth and maintain the proper following distance from the car in front of you.

While it is important to exercise caution and drive carefully, even the safest drivers can end-up in a rollover accident. The litigation for a rollover accident can be complicated and the parties involved should seek the assistance of experienced rollover accident attorneys in Dallas. The team at Guajardo & Marks has helped numerous clients get the compensation that they deserve after a rollover accident. Call us to setup a consultation and we can use our experience to help you.