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Dallas Car Accident Attorneys Help You With Your Settlement

Help With Your SettlementGetting into a car accident can be event that has a dramatic impact on the life of those involved. You may suffer injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life, you could lose the ability to perform your normal work duties and you might spend a considerable amount of time dealing with the painful process of recovery. If this happened in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to compensation for the injuries, lost wages and property damage that occurred. However, to get compensation that is fair and just, you will need the assistance of an experienced Dallas car accident attorney.

Property Damage

A car accident always involves property damage. For property damage, the insurance company will normally pay for the cost of repairs unless the car is totaled. If the car cannot be repaired, then they will usually payout the value of the vehicle. If you are in a car accident that only involved damage to the vehicle, you probably won’t need a car accident attorney.

Personal Injury

For a car accident where you have suffered bodily injury, the need for a personal injury attorney is almost certain. With a case that involves injury, there is more to it than just proving the financial cost of the damage done. Not only do you need to cover expenses like medical bills, but you may also be out of work for an extended period of time. The injuries might also inflict significant pain and suffering that entitle the claimant to further compensation.

Some cases may also result in catastrophic injuries that could result in permanent disability and the need for continued medical treatment far into the future. To demonstrate the impact that an accident will have on the future life of the claimant, it requires a significant burden of evidence and these are cases that need the skill, experience and tenacity of a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

Help You With Your Settlement

The insurance company is going to have their lawyers on the case right away and their job is to keep the settlement as low as possible. With an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner, you get the assurance that you won’t get short-changed by the insurance company. We can build the case that will demonstrate not only the fault of the responsible party, but also the damage that was done and the impact that it will have. When you have an attorney and a well-established case, the insurance company has few other choices but to come to the table and negotiate a settlement.

Personal injury litigation is complex and it isn’t something that you should try to handle on your own. When it comes to a lawsuit, the time and resources favor the insurance company over the unrepresented claimant. The parties that you are up-against will try to wear you down, wait you out and they will also try to discredit your claim. That is why you will need a Dallas car accident attorney like the ones at Guajardo & Marks. We will make your best interest our priority and we will fight for your right to compensation on every level.