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18-Wheeler Truck Wrecks Are Different Than Car Accidents

Truck accidents typically involve catastrophic injuries and/or death, and they involve a multitude of factors that most likely lead to the wreck. Further, there are numerous state and federal safety regulations and standards that govern how trucking companies and truck drivers are supposed to operate. Inexperienced lawyers make a frequent mistake in handling track wreck cases by focusing solely on the truck driver’s negligence.

In 18-wheeler truck wrecks, the driver’s conduct is usually just the tip of the iceberg as far as determining how the wreck happened. In order to maximize the recovery for clients, the lawyer must look beyond the driver’s conduct. Oftentimes issues concerning the driver’s qualifications, his lack of training, hours of service, fatigue, drugs and equipment failures are at the heart of why the accident occurred. These issues bring the trucking company’s conduct into play, and once fully developed, can provide a spring board into significant damages.