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Dallas Trucking Accidents: More than Just Losing a Taillight or Fender

Dallas Trucking AccidentsMotor vehicle accidents and crashes are common. They can be serious and cause substantial damage to all parties involved. However, when talking about a Dallas trucking accident, the passenger car usually has to bear the brunt of the collision while there is minimal or no damage to the truck. And why should it? A small passenger vehicle is no match for an 18-wheeler or a semi truck for that matter.

Did you know that in the 5,000 people die every year in the US as a result of trucking accidents? Trucking accidents almost always cause a fatality. The metropolitan areas of Dallas encounter heavy commercial traffic, which means the risk of trucking accidents is higher. And because of the size and nature of the trucks which are often loaded with dangerous cargo, they pose a high risk of personal injury in the in case of an accident.

Get in Touch with a Dallas Truck Wreck Lawyer Immediately

In the event of a trucking accident it is important for the family of the victim to contact a reliable trucking accident attorney. Most of the time, truck drivers themselves are responsible for reckless endangerment, but proving your claims may turn out to be overly complicated in case of an accident.

The injuries you sustain from a trucking accident can be lifelong and traumatic. To know how much a serious injury more than likely will require the help of an experienced and professional personal injury lawyer. This is where we come in.

How our Dallas Truck Wreck Lawyers Can Help You

Proving Fault: Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries?

Coming up with compelling evidence is usually a difficult endeavor, especially when you are filing a truck accident claim. A Dallas truck wreck lawyer will help you to identify factors such as:

The People Involved

A professional truck wreck lawyer will provide you vital information regarding the person driving the truck, the trucking company he was employed by, the manufacturer of the truck and all other factors that are directly or indirectly responsible for the accident.

The Driver

A lawyer will also take a deeper look at the actions of the person behind the wheel, his driver’s license, credentials, his training, physical and mental state.

Driver’s Log

Exhaustion and fatigue caused by driving for long hours is considered to be a major reason for trucking accidents. If the driver hasn’t taken sufficient rest before the trip, it is an easy case for you to win. Your attorney will inspect the log and then analyze the information in light of the laws that apply.

Vehicular Inspection

Your lawyer will also review reports regarding the truck’s maintenance, inspections and testing. If there is anything wrong with the truck or if regular maintenance has not been carried out, you have a strong claim against the trucking company.

The impact of trucking accidents is devastating more often than not. You are likely to lose more than just a taillight or a fender. Even the dents on your car can be repaired but if you get injured, you have the right to claim damages. This is what a personal injury lawyer will help you with and guide you through the process.