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How Much Should You Claim For a Truck Accident in Dallas?

Truck Accident in DallasTruck accidents in Dallas and around the country are usually traumatic and can prove to be fatal and devastating. Worse, they are fairly common. Semi crashes claim the lives of thousands of people in the US annually. The sad part is that the truck companies involved in the accidents get away with it by making a quick settlement with the victim. They pay a lump sum and the amount almost never covers the entire cost of the accident for the victim.

Why Should You Hire a Dallas Truck Wreck Lawyer?

If you reside in the metropolitan areas of Dallas city, especially Arlington and Fort Worth, you probably know that both areas encounter heavy commercial traffic. This means a considerable number of cargo vehicles and 18-wheelers on the road which pose a severe risk of a catastrophic injury in the event of an accident.

In the event of a truck accident in Dallas, it is important for you to consider hiring a good Dallas truck accident attorney. It is a given that the injury you suffer as a result of the truck accident would be major. People sustain traumatic head injuries, spinal cord injuries and even physically debilitating injuries. Hence, it is important for you to have an idea of the amount you can claim as compensation from the party responsible for the accident. The medical treatments can cost you a fortune, but then again why should you pay for someone else’s negligence and lack of consideration?

The expert assistance of a professional truck wreck attorney can never be overemphasized and during a time of crisis, your attorney will help you claim your rights. Personal injury lawyers are familiar with tricky and complicated laws that apply in the case of a truck accident and the relevant motor laws as well. Hence, they are in the best position to guide you regarding the course of action you should take. On your own, you would not be able to analyze the case, nor get an idea of how much you should claim as damages.

A Dallas truck wreck lawyer will prove instrumental in aiding you to glide through all the jargon and technicalities and shield you from aggressive insurance company litigators.

Know How Much You Should Claim

Victims of truck accidents often receive a settlement amount that does not cover the extent of the damage caused. This happens mainly due to the fact that some victims do not hire a personal injury lawyer and they accept the offer as soon as it is put in front of them. Truck companies usually try to intimidate victims by using delay tactics which involves attacking meager evidence pertaining to the case and then intimidating the victim to settle for a lower amount.

Hiring one  of our experienced attorneys will protect you from such tactics as they will negotiate and investigate the matter on your behalf. They will gather proof and evidence pertaining to the accident that can help build the case in your favor which will result in a better payout.

As you can see, having Guajardo & Marks on your side could prove to be the difference between a decent amount as settlement and no compensation. Not only will we help you determine the amount of the claim but also ensure that you get it.