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Are You a Victim of Defective Hip Replacement?

Hip Replacement LawyerDid a malfunctioning hip replacement device affect you or a loved one?  If you answered yes to that question, you may need to hire a hip replacement lawyer.  The hip replacement surgery itself is a simple enough procedure, where the ball-and-socket joint is replaced by an orthopedic implant. The implant usually replaces the ball joint with a metal ball-like head, set in the femur (thighbone); the socket is replaced by a white plastic cup. Generally, this is a very useful process, as it helps alleviate many problems that are associated with age, such as frequent hip pain, arthritis and immobility. In some cases, however, faulty hip replacement implants can cause more problems than they solve. If, instead of helping your condition, the surgery has worsened it, you may be eligible for monetary compensation.

What are the problems experienced due to defective implants?

  • Infection
  • Fractured hipbone
  • Implant dislocation
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Increased sensitivity in hip region
  • Excessive pain in hip, thigh, or groin
  • Inability to walk or stand without pain

What should you do if you are experiencing any of these symptoms?

First, evaluate whether the risks of the replacement device outweigh the benefits. If that is indeed the case, seek out a trusted and qualified medical professional, who will determine whether your problem is caused by a defective hip replacement. If you are successfully able to single out the orthopedic implant as the cause of your suffering, you can discuss your medical options with your healthcare provider. You should then start to consider filing a lawsuit to compensate for your damages. Winning a lawsuit cannot reverse your suffering, but it can ensure that you receive fair compensation.

What legal steps can a victim of defective hip replacement take?

Defective hip replacement devices often require corrective surgery, which is both painful and expensive. This adds to the already high financial cost of your first surgery, as well as your physical and psychological suffering. You should get a legal consultation and seek out a hip replacement lawyer who will help you get appropriate compensation by way of a hip replacement lawsuit. Make sure you hire someone who has extensive knowledge of hip replacement lawsuits, as well as ample field experience in handling them. The right lawyer can help you obtain enough of an amount to cover all your medical costs, as well as further improve the quality of your life.

Is there a time constraint?

Unfortunately, there are laws that limit the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit after your surgery. If you suspect that you may need to take legal action, you are encouraged to do so promptly. It is also quite possible that you may not actually be eligible for financial compensation, but legal consultation never hurt anybody. If you do, however, have a good claim, then rest assured that a competent defective medical device lawyer will help you obtain a recovery in your case.