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Dealing with Workers Compensation and Construction Injuries

Dealing with Workers Compensation and Construction InjuriesTexas doesn’t require employers to provide worker’s compensation insurance for their employees.  However, some employers may choose to do so.  If you are ever hurt in a work accident, and  you are aware that your employer has active worker’s compensation insurance for their employees you can contact a qualified construction accident attorney to see what your next step should be.

Employers may find it easier to have worker’s compensation insurance on their workers because it will help them avoid a lawsuit that may be based on their negligence.  When a worker takes advantage of worker’s compensation insurance, they won’t be able to pursue any other type of civil action against their employer.  However, there is an exception to that rule.  If your injury was caused by an intentional act of negligence then you will be able to file a civil action.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation insurance will provide temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits or permanent total benefits to the worker.  It will also provide for lost wages and medical expenses.  If a construction accident is fatal, death benefits are available to families of worker’s who may have passed away during the course of their employment.

If you are injured while working a construction job, be sure to contact your employer as soon as you can.  Speak with your supervisor and let them know if you need any type of medical attention.

If your employer has worker’s compensation insurance and your claim is denied you do have the right to appeal the ruling with the Texas Worker’s Compensation Commission.  These claims can be denied because a worker may have failed to report their injury within a sufficient amount of time. That is why it is important to speak with a supervisor right away.

If your employer does not have any type of worker’s compensation insurance you will need to contact a qualified Dallas personal injury lawyer.  Your employer must provide a safe work environment for their employees at all times.  If your employer fails to provide a safe work environment, for example failing to provide the proper safety equipment and you are injured due to their negligence, you are entitled to file suit against your employer for your injuries.  If it is found that your employer was negligent, you will receive compensation for your injuries.

Be aware, that your employer may come to you with a settlement offer that they believe will satisfy you and take care of your injuries.  This is when you need to contact a qualified us.  We will be able to guide you in the right direction so you can get the compensation you deserve.