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Auto Defects and Delayed Recalls

Auto Defects and Delayed RecallsGeneral Motors has recently recalled more than 2 million of their Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions because of faulty ignition switches, and air bag defects. The ignition switches in both vehicles have been known to shut off the engine completely if they are jarred  causing the vehicle to lose power to the engine.  When the engine loses power, the airbags can’t deploy if an accident occurs.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the faulty ignition switches, and air bag defects  have contributed to 13 deaths.  Congress and the United States Justice Department are now investigating General Motors and the reasons why they failed to recall the vehicles that are now a decade old.  General Motors has apologized for the the lack of investigation in 2007 when the problems were brought to their attention.  They stated that a specific problem pattern hadn’t been shown.  GM has also launched an internal investigation.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Commission received 29 complaints about the Ion and the Cobalt during 2003 to 2006.  The numbers included four fatalities and 25 accidents that caused injury.  However, the NHTSC has also had the finger pointed at them for failures in their own defect-screening programs.

When you are the victim in an automobile accident, or truck accident because of defective vehicle parts your life is in danger, as well as, the lives of passengers in your vehicle, and other drivers on the road.  Defective vehicle parts are very common and when the automobile companies are negligent about recalling vehicles with possible problems, they become liable for your injuries, or any deaths that may have occurred because of defective vehicle parts.  The automobile company failed, in this case, to issue a recall until it was too late, and caused the death of four people because they failed to act within regulations, and specific standards of care.

If you life has been changed because of serious injuries caused by defective automobile parts, or if you have lost a loved one because of an accident caused by motor vehicle defects, contact a Dallas auto defect attorney right away.  These cases can be very complicated, and it isn’t something that you should face alone.  Our attorneys sit down with you, and evaluate your case.  They will be able to gather evidence regarding the defect, speak with experts regarding the defective parts, speak with you regarding any injuries that you may have sustained and get you the compensation that you need to pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, or lifetime continued care.