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Trucking Companies Protect their Bottom Line

Trucking Companies Protect their Bottom LineTechnology is growing daily, and has become helpful in so many areas of  our life, especially in the area of 18-wheeler truck wrecks.  Big trucking companies are looking out to protect their bottom line.  That is why many trucking companies have changed the way that they are routing loads, and keeping up with their drivers.

Improving Regulations

The United States Department of Transportation have improved their regulations.  Trucking companies can now, more than ever, be held accountable for car accidents that their trucks may cause.  Many trucking companies have fitted their rigs with satellite GPS systems that track exactly where their drivers are, and exactly what time they arrive, or leave with a load.  They have also done away with paper trucking logs, and have begun using electronic records so drivers can no longer cheat on their logs.  Some drivers have been known to put down the wrong information in their logs in order to get around problems with deliveries, even with accidents.  It is possible for driver’s who still use paper logs to fail at putting down legitimate times regarding traveling, picking up, and dropping off loads.  These falsified logs have, and can cause problems when someone is involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler.  The new electronic logs can’t be changed, and times are recorded via satellite.  Many companies have strategic satellite terminals located in the areas that they cover to make it easier for their drivers to stay on the road, and keep up with their drivers.  Many companies have put regulations in place so their drivers receive the proper rest, drug testing, driver training, and less downtime.

Some companies aren’t as vigilant.  They simply do not keep their trucks properly maintained  sending them out with bad tires, leaking fuel tanks, and sub par drug testing.  These companies are also looking out for their bottom line, they simply want to get their money by any means possible even if someone is injured in the process.

If you ever get into an accident with an 18-wheeler, call one of our Dallas truck accident lawyers.  They know exactly who can be held responsible for the injuries that you may obtain when you are the victim of negligence.  An accident of this caliber can be very complicated, and it isn’t something that you should try to do on your own.  We know how to get you the compensation you deserve.