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Texas Construction Accident Statistics

Texas Construction Accident StatisticsTexas construction workers are often underpaid and asked to work in environments where worker safety is not the top priority.  New construction is going up everyday all around Texas and in the Dallas area, however, many companies cut corners with safety equipment, mechanical equipment, tools, materials, and they fail to live up to OSHA standards for a safe work environment.  According to Science Blogs, the construction industry in Texas is dealing with wage theft, payroll fraud, and very preventable injury and fatality.

Texas Construction Accident Statistics

Many companies fail to train their workers with regard to proper safety procedures, allowing workers to work without proper safety equipment, and without proper breaks when working in the heat.  Some workers have said that their supervisors refuse them breaks for water and rest which is mandated by OSHA standards.   According to a study, Sixty percent of construction workers stated that they never received any type of OSHA training, 39 percent stated that they did not get proper breaks, and 59 percent said their employers failed to provide water.    Many companies require their workers to provide their own safety equipment. As a result, Texas construction workers are four times more likely to die while they are working.

Highest Rate of Death in the Country

It isn’t hard to see that construction workers in Texas have a high rate of injury and death, more than any other state in the United States.  If you are injured on the job you must seek the advice of a qualified Dallas construction accident attorney.  With the right representation you can get the compensation that you need to help pay for medical expenses, ongoing therapy, lost wages, and loss of quality of life because of a life changing construction injury.

In the cases of construction accident fatalities, it will be up to the families of those that passed away to make sure that they receive the compensation that they are entitled to.  In many cases, families may have lost the breadwinner, and head of household.  There may be young children who are left behind and relied on that income for their health and well being. It is because of this that victims’ families often file a Texas wrongful death claim.

In any construction site injury case contact a Dallas construction accident attorney immediately so they can evaluate you case.  Our attorneys have decades of experience holding employers accountable and ensuring victims and their families receive the compensation they need to get their life back.