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Dallas Auto Defect Attorney Greg Marks Says Civil Cases Save Lives

Dallas Auto Defect Attorney Greg Marks Says Civil Cases Save Lives If you have been anywhere near a TV, radio, a newspaper or the internet in the past few weeks, then you are aware of the firestorm surrounding General Motors and their failure to act in the best interest of their customers and other motorists on our roads and highways.  Their recent recall of 2.6 million vehicles was too little, too late for the 13 people who lost their lives due to faulty ignition switches.

How much would it have cost to fix the ignition switches? Ninety cents.  GM knew this as far back as 2001 and decided the 90-cent fix was too much trouble – even if it would save lives.

What may get lost in the news-shuffle is that we may never have learned of GM’s despicable decision if not for the civil justice system.

Ken and Beth Melton turned to the justice system looking for answers after their daughter Brooke was killed, on her birthday, when her Chevy Cobalt spun out of control.  The fatal car accident would later be found to be caused by a defect GM knew about.

During the case, which was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, it was learned that GM made a “business decision” to not recall all vehicles with faulty switches.  That’s what this came down to with GM and so many other companies – money.

Civil Cases Save Lives, Enact Change

As a Dallas auto defect attorney with years of experience representing families just like the Melton’s, I have seen countless examples of manufacturers putting profit over safety.  And many times, these dangers are not uncovered unless victims file a lawsuit.  Situations like this are what the civil justice system are for.  It’s our charge to hold others accountable, protect consumer rights and enact change.

Too often this is overlooked.  Too often the media is quick to paint our profession in a negative light, many times blurring the lines of truth and treating all lawsuits as frivolous cash grabs.  Because of this, the civil justice system is used as a punching bag or a joke for far too many in this country.  It’s not until a victim and/or their family want answers and fair compensation that they realize that we are here to protect them from companies like GM.  You can’t always expect wealthy corporations and their insurance companies to do the right thing or to act in the interest of the consumer.  That’s exactly what we are here for.

I applaud the Melton family for the bravery they have show in standing up and demanding answers about the tragic death of their daughter.  Who knows how many lives this lawsuit will ultimately save.