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Personal Injury Claim Process

Dallas injury attorney Michael Guajardo explains the personal injury claim process and what you should expect if you are seeking representation for a car accident, truck wreck, wrongful death or any other personal injury case.

Intake Process

The initial stage of the claim process is what we refer to as the intake. During this time, we would seek to gather as much background on you as we can.  This would include any medical history, what happened to you and any other information that could possibly be relevant to your insurance claim.


The next phase we would seek additional info on the other driver or offending party including their background, any criminal records and other relevant information.  During this time, we would also request your medical records and other elements such as lost wages or incidental damages.  Basically, during this phase, we are building your claim so that when you are released from your physician’s care, we will be prepared to present a claim to the insurance company.

Release from Physicians

Once you are released from your physicians care, we will begin the process of assimilating all of the information and estimate the value of what your claim should be. We would present all of this information to the insurance company for a demand for payment.  If the case can be resolved at this point, then it is always to your advantage.  This is the shortest way to resolve the personal injury claim process and will ultimately be cheaper, but only if the insurance company accepts the demand.  If they reject it, then we will move forward and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Our Dallas injury attorneys have decades of experience navigating the personal injury claim process.  We will creatively and expertly seek the best compensation from the insurance company possible and are not afraid to take them to court if they don’t accept what we find to be fair.