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Construction Site Safety: Loss of Limb

Dallas injury attorney Greg Marks discusses a recent case involving lax construction site safety and how it resulted in the loss of a leg for construction worker.

Poor Decision Leads to Loss-of-Limb

In this particular case, we represented a young man who was working on a construction site where they were manufacturing and installing vertical trusses.  They would build the trusses on the ground and lay them out before transferring them to where they would be installed. They were moving the trusses over to the installation site by a forklift. Because the trusses were so tall, they would get caught in the wind and were unstable.

Unfortunately for our client, the site manager made a horrible decision in regards to construction site safety.  He had our client walk along the forklift and hold the truss in place.  This put him in what is known as a “zone of danger.”  Our client tripped while walking along the forklift and the driver didn’t see him, running over his leg and crushing it.  Our client would lose his leg because of this poor decision and tragic accident.  He will never be able to work in chosen trade again.

How We Can Help

Because of the obvious lapse in judgement and lax construction site safety, we were able to win our client damages that will allow him live his life without ever needed to work in construction again.  Unfortunately, we see cases like this all too often. Whether it is cutting corners to save money or time, or pushing workers to do tasks that they aren’t properly trained for, construction companies all over Dallas put workers in danger every day.  While we can never turn back the clock and undo the damage done, we can hold them responsible and help you live as full a life as possible.

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