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Common Truck Wreck Causes Part Two: Equipment Failure

In the second of this three part series on the most common causes of truck wrecks, I discuss equipment failure, how it causes Dallas truck wrecks and why it happens.

Worn Tires and Company Greed Lead to Tragedy

While there are many different examples of trucking companies cutting corners, one of the most tragic I have dealt with personally involves tire failure.  In this case, an 18-wheeler hydroplaned and crossed the freeway where it struck multiple vehicles, taking three lives and seriously injuring another.  Through our discovery during the case, we found that not only were the front tires too worn, but the truck driver, on several occasions had requested the tires be fixed or replaced. It was pure greed on the part of the trucking company that caused them to deny the small amount it would have taken to fix the tires. That decision to put money over safety lead to an equipment failure that changed our clients’ lives forever.

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Unfortunately, this is an issue that we see too often.  Trucking companies choose time and again to put profits over safety. Whether that means requiring drivers to work past the point of safety or making decisions to roll-the-dice on worn or damaged equipment doesn’t matter. If the trucking company has cut corners and caused injury or death to a loved one, we will find out and we will hold them accountable. You shouldn’t be forced to pay because the trucking company wanted to save a few bucks. Call our truck wreck lawyers in Dallas at 972-774-9800 or fill out the form below.