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Common Truck Wreck Causes Part Three: Inexperienced Truck Drivers

In the third part of the three-part series, Mike discusses inexperienced truck drivers and how they pose a risk to others on the road.

Why So Many Inexperienced Drivers?

It takes a lot of experience to truly become a competent and safe truck driver.  Sure, 18-wheeler drivers are required to take some classes and pass a test for a license, but that doesn’t mean a new driver is prepared to handle all of the challenges faced by truck drivers.  Weather, traffic, highways and long hours are all obstacles faced by drivers and it takes proper training and experience to handle these obstacles in a safe manner.  Unfortunately, inexperienced truck drivers are much cheaper than experienced ones and, as we have discussed in the first two parts of this series, trucking companies are more than happy to put profit over safety.  This is the main reason there are so many inexperienced or under-trained drivers on the roadways today.

For example, the largest trucking company in America today experiences a trucking accident every day and at least one fatal truck wreck every two weeks. One of the reasons for this is their insistence on hiring inexperienced truck drivers.

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