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Brain Injury Caused by a Defective Seatbelt

Dallas vehicle defect attorney Greg Marks discusses a recent case where an unborn child suffered a brain injury caused by a defective seatbelt. He was able to prove that the car manufacturer used the cheap and dangerous energy absorbing loop seatbelt that many car manufacturers use to this day.

Defective Seatbelt Causes Unborn Child’s Brain Injury

Our client was the front seat passenger of a vehicle when they were hit head-on at approximately 30 mph.  While the expecting mother and her husband, the driver, were relatively unharmed, her unborn child suffered a fractured skull. Tragically, her child was born with a significant traumatic brain injury that will require a lifetime of personal care.

How Did This Happen?

The parents came to me to investigate what happened.  After all, they were wearing their seatbelts and thought they were safe.  Through my investigation of the vehicle, I found two signs that showed the injury was caused by a defective seatbelt.

First of all, I noticed damage to the glove compartment.  This was caused by the mother’s knees slamming into the dash at impact.  This shouldn’t occur when wearing a seatbelt.

Secondly, the seatbelts were constructed with an energy absorbing loop, or rip stitching.  In this case, the rip stitching failed, causing the mother to slide through the lap band, slamming her knees into the dash and crushing her stomach and unborn baby.

Why Use an Energy Absorbent Loop?

Simply put, they are cheap and easy.  In this particular case, the auto manufacturer knew this vehicle couldn’t pass certain head-on collision tests.  But, rather than redesign front end to better absorb impact, they chose to go the cheap route and implement rip stitching.  When the stitching failed, tragedy struck.

How We Help

Fortunately, I was able to prove the auto manufacturer was at fault.  The child will now be financially secure for the rest their life.

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