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Toyota and Nissan Recall 700,000 Vehicles

615,000 Sienna minivans are being recalled in the US over concerns that a problem with the shift lever may cause rollaways. A small number of the defective vehicles were sold in Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Guatemala. The Toyota recall involves Siennas produced in Indiana with model years 2004-2005 and 2007-2009.

According to Toyota, the shift lock solenoid, a part of the gearshift, may be damaged. The driver may then nudge the lever out of park without depressing the brake, which can cause the vehicle to roll if it isn’t on a level surface. However, Toyota wanted to emphasize that the vehicle cannot shift out of the park position on its own.

There have been 21 car accidents in the US and three in Canada related to this problem. Two of the accidents allegedly resulted in minor injuries, including bruises.

Nissan is recalling around 100,000 Infiniti M sedans due to a problem with the accelerator sensor that may cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly. The defective sensor is used to detect how the throttle is being depressed. The sensor becomes unstable and can cause the vehicle to accelerate less than intended, which has caused unexpected stops and stalls.

There are no known accidents with the Nissan defect.

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