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Why Catastrophic Injury Claims are Different

Why Catastrophic Injury Claims are Different Teen driver and friend killed in a roll-over crash on LBJ Freeway.
Gainesville worker intoxicated while cleaning underground pipe.
Semi-truck crash on 287 south of Amarillo: family of three in critical condition.
Alvarado repeat offender kills retired nurse in early morning 35 West crash.

Every day, Texas accidents reported in the media remind us that our lives can be turned upside down at any time, sometimes in a devastating way. Serious accidents are not just a source of terrible suffering and grief; they often have the potential to ruin a life financially as well.

A liability claim for wrongful death, severe injuries, or permanent disability is likely to involve a substantial amount of money and will be very different from the usual personal injury cases.


  • Insurance companies: Million dollar awards are likely to upset the insurance company’s quarterly results. There is a lot at stake, which justifies the expenditure of considerable time and resources to defend the case tooth and nail. Insurance companies use time-tested tactics and sophisticated software to calculate your compensation, no matter what your arguments are.
  • Large corporations: Motor carriers behind 18-wheelers, general contractors behind building sites, automotive companies behind defective cars-all these corporations have to abide by numerous and strict safety regulations and product specifications. They will probably do whatever they can to wriggle out of their responsibilities, to avoid the huge insurance premium increases and the blow to their image if they lose the case.
  • Complexity: In most cases, the successful outcome of a claim will depend on the speed and skillful execution of an investigation on the scene, a grasp of the technical and engineering aspects of the accident and the applicable safety regulations, a medical file backed by the best expert assessments and evidence, and the compelling determination of compensation for wrongful death, pain, suffering, loss of wages justified by the best legal argumentation and case law references.
  • Resources: Large claims take more time and end up in court if no agreement is reached. Big money cases are usually defended by law firms with considerable experience in similar cases, firms that are not shy of delving into your past and personal life to weaken or destroy your claim.

If you have been the victim of an accident on a construction site, caused by a car or a truck or due to a motor vehicle defect, your lawyer will need the medical knowledge, engineering background, litigation experience, and financial resources to fight successfully for your rights. This is why Dallas-based Guajardo & Marks is the top-rated law firm  you are looking for to discuss a wrongful death or catastrophic injury case. Call us today at (972) 774-9800, or send us an email for a FREE discussion of your case.