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New US DOT Rule May Prevent Truck Wrecks

New US DOT Rule May Prevent Truck WrecksIf the U.S. Department of Transportation is successful in passing a new rule, the trucking industry may be forever changed.

As reported by National Public Radio, the new rule would require all 18-wheelers to be equipped with an electronic GPS system. This system not only would give drivers directions and allow them to communicate their routes efficiently, but also it would track just how long they have been driving.

What’s Wrong with the Old Logbook System?

In theory, the GPS device would prevent log book errors and omissions. Many believe that the current handwritten tracking system is joke. Even truck drivers refer to the logs as “comic books” because of the false stories that play out on their pages.

Jackie Gillan is president of the group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. Members of the organization have been working for more than 15 years to get lawmakers to require electronic tracking devices on large trucks. “Tired truckers are a major, major safety problem,” stated Gillan. “Paper log books are easily manipulated. They are easily falsified.”

Will GPS Systems Prevent Drowsy Driving?

Some argue that a tracking device will do nothing to solve the problem of drowsy driving among truckers. While the system may accurately log driving hours, there is no way to ensure that when the trucker stops driving they are sleeping. So while it may be a good way to track driving history and ensure that truck drivers are not going over the 14-hour driving maximum, it may do nothing to prevent drivers from get behind the wheel when tired.

While the debate rages on, one thing is certain: overly tired drivers, both commercial and commuter, are more likely to cause an accident. No matter what the DOT and lawmakers decide, it is important that truckers understand the risk of 18-wheeler accidents caused by tired drivers.

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