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Injuries Caused by Toyota Sudden Acceleration

Injuries Caused by Toyota Sudden Acceleration As a Dallas personal injury attorney, I’ve seen an increase in car crash cases resulting in bodily injuries and wrongful deaths due to unintended acceleration and surge over the past few years. Recently, many of these cases involved a Toyota vehicle, such as the Avalon, Corolla, or Prius. While Toyota has had three recalls over the past decade due to the large number of accidents resulting from a sticky gas pedal, many people continue to live their life in suffering because of the defects.

About the Acceleration and Surge Toyota Recalls

Over the last ten years, Toyota has been under much scrutiny because of thousands of reports of their cars producing a sudden acceleration and surge. Some of these affected drivers were fortunately able to avoid a collision, although many others were not so lucky and ended up in serious car wrecks as a result of this dangerous motor vehicle defect.

At first, Toyota claimed the problem was due to defective floor mats in their vehicles. They believed the gas pedal became stuck on the floor mat, which would keep it from coming back up. After recalling millions of Toyota vehicles, car accidents continued to happen. The nation was in an uproar over Toyota’s weak solution to a serious problem in their vehicles. Many drivers contested that the gas pedal was sticking to the floor mats, and they knew it wouldn’t solve the problems occurring with it.

After the failed attempt at correcting the problem with the first recall, Toyota considered other reasons why their cars experienced a sudden acceleration and surge.

The second recall focused on replacing the accelerator pedal on the vehicles. This time Toyota believed a faulty pedal was to blame, especially when drivers drove at high speeds, such as on a highway. While replacing the pedal on some of the Toyota models corrected the acceleration problem, hybrid models needed a different solution.  For hybrid models, they found that it might be an electrical problem with the anti-lock braking system. They recalled hybrid models to fix that problem for those vehicles.

Toyota recalled millions of vehicles to prevent future car accidents from occurring, but what about those who suffered personal injuries, or lost a loved one in a fatal car crash caused by a faulty Toyota vehicle?

Compensation for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

A Dallas personal injury lawyer experienced in litigating motor vehicle defect cases can tell you if you are entitled to compensation. Many people have already successfully sued for accidents related to sudden acceleration and surge defects and you can too.

Contact the knowledgeable and experienced Dallas Toyota defect lawyers at Guajardo & Marks today. By reviewing your case with a free consultation, we can tell you if it’s possible to recover compensation for your suffering. While you may not be able to make the pain go away, you be able to make it easier to deal with by seeking retribution. Call toll free at 877-290-1382 or locally in Dallas at 972-774-9800.