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Defective Vehicles Cause Texas Auto Accidents

Defective Vehicles Cause Texas Auto AccidentsYou are driving down the North Texas Tollway when you need to slow down with traffic. But when you press down on the brake, nothing happens. This nightmarish situation occurs more often than it should. Auto and car part defects are an all too common cause of accidents in Dallas and across Texas. Too often, drivers get into their vehicles, day after day, unaware that a recall has been issued. To avoid getting into an accident caused by a defective car, truck or auto part, you must stay informed.

Instant E-mail Alerts for Vehicle Part Recalls Taking a minute to fill out the auto part and car defect form at safecar.gov will allow you to get up to date information on the latest auto related recalls. You can get automated alerts for recalls affecting:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Child restraints (car seats)
  • Tires

You can also request to be informed of recalls that affect your specific vehicle. By requesting this information you can be sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible and that you know about any potentially dangerous defective parts before they cause an accident.

Taking a Second Look at your Texas Car Crash

While some accidents are just that, true accidents, too many are caused by human error. Most of our car defect clients begin with the feeling that something about their accident was not quite right. That their vehicle was not operating correctly, that it overturned when it shouldn’t have or that the brake system did not perform the way it should. The only way to prove that a defect caused the crash, or made it more serious than it should have been, is to work with an expert in Texas auto defect accidents. Contact a highly experienced vehicle defect attorney at Guajardo & Marks for a free consultation. An initial meeting can help us determine if your feelings are valid, if an unsafe vehicle or part contributed to your accident.