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Danger of Exploding Big Rig Tires Confirmed by Mythbusters

Exploding Big Rig TiresThe MythBusters are known for not only testing common misconceptions and myths, but for blowing up a lot of stuff. One such explosive episode dealt with “myths” surrounding 18 wheelers. As a Dallas car accident attorney who focuses on 18 wheeler accidents, I was interested to see just what the team at MythBusters came up with.

Confirming the Danger of Exploding Big Rig Tires

The MythBusters looked at four myths that dealt with large trucks. While all of the experiments were interesting, one in particular has real life implications for all drivers who share the road with 18 wheelers.

The myth the team first tested was, “A tire on a big rig can explode with lethal force.” The MythBusters ran a flat large truck tire at highway speed. The tire, as expected, tore apart, throwing tire debris every which way.

The team measured the velocity of the debris and, taking a piece of the exploded tire, launched it at a dummy sitting behind a car window. With the dummy acting as a driver, the piece of tire flew through the window and took the head off the dummy.

The MythBusters considered this myth confirmed, meaning that the tire from a semi-truck traveling at highway speeds does have the potential to cause serious harm.

No Matter the Cause, Many Dallas 18 Wheeler Accidents Have Similar Outcomes

Whether the cause of your Dallas 18 wheeler accident was an exploding tire, unstable load, or speeding truck, the result was likely the same as many other accidents with large trucks: not good. A crash with a semi-truck in Dallas or any city has the potential to not only wreck your car but your life as well.

The injuries associated with an 18 wheeler accident are most often serious and, in too many cases, take the life of the accident victim.

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