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Dallas Truck Wrecks Caused by Bad Drivers

Dallas Truck Wrecks Caused by Bad DriversMost motorists who live or work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will likely have had a bad experience when driving around a tractor trailer or some other large truck. As experienced DFW personal injury lawyers, we know only too well how many of the traffic wrecks in Dallas, Texas caused by 18 wheeler trucks are the fault of the truck driver’s negligence. Quite often, the trucker will assume that they are the king of the road simply because their vehicle is so much bigger than other cars, pickups and motorcycles. This is not the case. Every individual road user has just as much right to be on the roadway.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for commercial truck drivers to use their big rig’s size to force other motorists out of their way. This is an act of aggressive bullying, not to mention extremely dangerous. Since a CDL driver is by definition a professional trucker, they are fully aware that such bad driving habits is actually negligent behavior on their behalf. This means that if you or a family member were injured in a wreck caused by one of these bullying truckers, then Texas law grants you the right to pursue damages with the aid of a Dallas trucking accident attorney.

One of the most common acts of highway bullying by semi-truck drivers  is when a truck driver tries to force their way on to a road. A typical scenario might be where a passenger car driver is traveling along the right-most lane of the interstate when an 18-wheeler attempts to enter the interstate traffic from an entrance ramp. Truckers will frequently ignore you approaching from behind and just cut into your lane, assuming that you will break and let them in. This is extremely frustrating when it happens to you, but it is also incredibly dangerous. In order to avoid a potential crash, the car driver may swerve into the left lane without looking or else slam on their breaks to avoid rear-ending the truck. Either scenario could cause another collision with a separate vehicle. Other times, a collision with the offending truck itself may be unavoidable.

Whether they are driving on a freeway or a city/rural street, professional truck drivers know that they have a duty to ensure there is enough space for them to safely perform a maneuver before they attempt to make it. If they are trying to merge with the traffic on the interstate, then they must be sure that there is enough distance between them and any upcoming vehicles before they move across onto the highway proper. Similarly, if they are attempting to enter a parking lot or make a turn on a local road, then they must wait until they know they have sufficient time and space to make the maneuver safely. If they block the roadway, there is every chance their obstruction could cause a wreck.

If you or someone in your family is injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or other large truck, it is important that you consult with an 18 wheeler truck wreck lawyer who is experienced in settling such cases.  For a FREE consultation, contact the Dallas, Texas truck wreck lawyers at Guajardo & Marks at 972.774.9800.