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Construction Workers: Are you Safe from Natural Hazards?

Construction Workers: Are you Safe from Natural Hazards? Mother Nature can be such gentle force in Texas, ushering in gentle spring rain showers and displaying fields of stunning bluebonnets. But in an instant she can turn, throwing all she can at whomever is in her path.

Working on a Dallas construction site, you know that you are at her mercy, missing days off work because of bad weather, dealing with floodwater and high winds. There is no doubt that Mother Nature has the power to do great harm and if you have been hurt during a construction accident in Dallas, you may wonder if enough was done to protect you from her power.

Ways Your Employer Should Have Protected You

Your employer, site foreman, or boss may work to protect you from workplace injuries caused by dangers such as machinery, electrical hazards and falls; but is he doing enough to protect you against natural hazards?

In this instance we are talking about natural hazards such as:

  • High temperatures, leading to heat stroke, heat cramps, heat rash and sunburn
  • Low temperatures that can cause frostbite and hypothermia
  • Lightning and other storm-related dangers
  • Animal hazards. In Texas, snakes, stinging insects, and biting animals such as raccoons are the most common.

OSHA does not specifically speak to the responsibility of an employer to protect construction workers from natural hazards. However, their personal protective equipment (PPE) rule states that employers are required to provide protective equipment and special training if employees work in conditions that are deemed to be environmental hazards.

One hazard that is specifically addressed is overexposure to the sun. The PPE requires that an employer must protect workers from overexposure to ultraviolet rays. While there is no gauge as to what overexposure means, it is clear that OSHA has identified this workplace hazard as serious.

As a construction worker in Dallas you know that the sun is nearly ever-present during the long summer months.  Also present are dangers such as lightning and severe weather such as windstorms, firestorms, and tornadoes.

Clearly, being a construction worker in Dallas does come with some innate hazards. But if your employer has not done enough to protect you from harm, he may very well be responsible for your injures.

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