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Common Causes of Texas Road Construction Deaths

Common Causes of Texas Road Construction DeathsA construction worker who often works on road construction faces dangers that other workers don’t. On top of this, as a road construction worker in Dallas you may be in more danger than you know.

From 1995-2002, Texas topped the list of states with the most road construction deaths. At 71, our state was a full 20 deaths higher than any other state. During this time period, nationwide, 844 workers were killed while working in road construction and thousands more were injured. The most common causes of Texas road construction deaths include:

  • Accidents caused by roadway traffic– Accidents with passing vehicles account for over half of all road construction worker deaths.
  • Accidents caused by worksite vehicles and equipment- Workers are often hit by equipment or are involved in an accident with a construction vehicle such as a backhoe.
  • Falls- Road construction workers may fall off of large construction vehicles, bridges and overpasses, suffering critical injuries.
  • Electrical accidents- Workers on and near roads can suffer life-threatening injuries when they come in contact with overhead power lines and other sources of electricity.
  • Exposure to dangerous substances and environments- Common chemicals used on construction sites have the potential to do great harm. In addition, environmental factors, such as lightning, can injure and kill road construction workers who are exposed to the elements while performing their job.

When a Life is Lost, the Cost of the Accident is More Than Monetary

If you are reading this article not as a construction worker, but as someone who lost a loved one in a construction site accident, our Dallas work injury lawyers want you to know that your losses are not to be underestimated. As you grieve, you begin to come to terms with the terrible impact the accident has had on your life. Your losses cannot be undervalued, and they are both monetary and emotional.

If you are concerned that your loved one was killed on the job in Dallas and that not enough was done to protect him from harm, you have the right to seek legal help.  You have the right to speak for your husband, your son, your father and ensure that justice is served.

To speak with an experienced, compassionate wrongful death lawyer. Call 877.290.1382 today. We are here, waiting to help you recover from the tragic accident; you do not have to suffer in silence.