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An Experienced Dallas Truck Wreck Attorney Can Help

An Experienced Dallas Truck Wreck Attorney Can HelpIf the traffic accident which resulted in your injuries involved an 18-wheeler or other heavy goods vehicle, it is important that you hire an experienced Dallas truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Truck accident cases are notoriously complex and there are many parties involved, each trying to protect their own self-interests. It is only fair, therefore, that you have a professional and experienced injury lawyer fighting for your legal rights to make sure you get the full and fair damages you deserve. Guajardo & Marks will help build a strong case against the liable parties at fault for your wreck.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You 

When you meet with an attorney, he will ask you questions about what occurred at the time of the accident. Having a lawyer work on your case, preserving and gathering the essential evidence in support of your claim is often a huge relief of stress for truck crash victims. Knowing an attorney is working with your best interests in mind means you are free to concentrate solely on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track as much as possible as it was pre-accident.

It is important that the lawyer you choose has significant experience in handling semi-truck collision cases however, because there are a number of laws and regulations which dictate the amount of time that the motor carrier is obliged to preserve certain evidence. Only by hiring an experienced Dallas truck wreck lawyer as soon as possible can you rest assured knowing that this critical proof in support of your claim will not be destroyed.

Evidence that may be used to prove the fault of the driver, truck company, or a truck manufacturer typically includes crash data from the semi-truck’s “black box,” the shipping company’s vehicle inspection records, the driver’s journal and logbook, and other records.

In addition to evidence acquired directly from the negligent tractor-trailer driver and their employer, your attorney will also obtain a copy of all traffic accident crash reports related to your wreck which were either completed by the local police department, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other official entities. This report often contains extensive information about the accident, including the professional opinions of not only the investigating officers, but also qualified truck wreck experts.

Determining Damages Owed to You

Trucking companies have extremely high insurance limits because they know that the damage done by one of their trucks can be enormous. It is critical, therefore, that your lawyer is also capable of demonstrating the full extent of the effect your injuries have had on your life and the effect they will continue to have long into the future. Only by gathering as much proof as possible can you hope to recover the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle to get the justice you deserve from an accident that’s not your fault. Contact the Guajardo & Marks today for a free consultation. Call 972.774.9800 today.