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Truck Rollover Accidents are Frequent in Texas

Truck Rollover Accidents are Frequent in TexasA study performed by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) shows just when and where Texas truck rollover accidents are happening. The ATRI researched trucking rollover accidents in 31 states. They analyzed crash data for a nine-year period, tracking which states—and roads within each state—had higher-than-average rates of dangerous semi-truck rollover accidents.

Texas Top of the List for Truck Rollovers

Unfortunately, though rollover crash statistics were only provided for five of the nine years studied, Texas was still near the top of the list for number of 18-wheeler rollover accidents. Of the 3,595 accidents reported, 291 were fatal. The total fatalities for Texas semi-truck rollover accidents was higher than any other state in the study, despite the fact that Texas provided limited crash data. Should Texas have provided all nine years of data, the totals would have surely been much higher.

As a Dallas rollover car accident attorney who often works with people injured during crashes with an 18-wheeler, it does not surprise me that the Dallas metro area contains four of the top ten rollover location in Texas. The four large truck rollover locations found in Dallas are:

  • Central Expressway and CF Hawn Freeway/US 175
  • SR 183, SR 114, SR 12 and SR 482
  • 1-30/US 67 and I-35E/US 77
  • I-35 W and Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway/US 287

The accidents on these roadways during the five reported years took the lives of 31 people. There is little doubt that many others were injured during this type of accident in Dallas and across the state.
Large truck accidents, no matter how they occur, are the most deadly and injurious accidents possible. If you have been hurt during an accident in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, you have the right to get the compensation you need to pay your bills and move on with your life. Please call 972-774-9800 to schedule your free consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Dallas who is dedicated to defending the rights of the injured; call today.