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Top Five Most Dangerous Auto Defects

Top Five Most Dangerous Auto DefectsIf you have been hurt in an accident in Dallas, it is possible that your accident was caused or made worse by an auto defect. Serious auto defects are an all too common problem that may seriously harm you and your family.

Top Five Most Dangerous Auto Defects are:

  • Tires. At a high rate of speed, a tire defect has the potential to cause a serious—even deadly—accident. Rollover and head-on crashes are common after a defective tire blows or shreds. In addition, a blown tire can create dangerous road debris. Therefore a blown tire can affect you, even if the tire wasn’t on your car.
  • Seat belts. When a seatbelt works right, it can save your life. When it fails, it can cause serious injuries, even deaths. There are many ways in which seatbelts fail, such as tearing of a belt; a weld break causing the seatbelt to detach from the car; and a seatbelt that does not “catch” upon a sharp stop or impact.
  • Brakes. For obvious reasons, when brakes fail, accidents happen. Failed brakes are the stuff of scary movies, but defective brakes can and do injure and kill people each year.
  • Airbags. These safety devices have the potential to save thousands of lives. However, they have the potential to fail, causing the driver and passengers to suffer from terrible injures, even death.
  • Gas tanks. Too often, auto manufacturers design a car with a gas tank that easily ruptures or is positioned in a place that makes it more likely to puncture or rupture. Clearly, a fire during an auto accident is exceedingly dangerous.

Proving an Auto Defect Caused Your Dallas Car Accident

As a Dallas vehicle defect attorney who often works with clients who have been injured because of a defective car part, I know just how serious these cases are. I also know how difficult it can be to prove that an auto defect caused the car accident or made it worse.

What you need to prove that an auto defect had a negative impact on your crash is a Dallas auto defect lawyer with the resources and skills to take on the auto manufacturing industry. Don’t settle for second best; call 972-774-9800 today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney who is ready to fight for your rights.