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Tips to Avoid a Ladder Accident on a Construction Site

Tips to Avoid a Ladder Accident on a Construction SiteConstruction sites are known for being rugged and dangerous. Construction workers in Dallas are hard working and tough. They often work long days, starting early in the morning and continuing until dawn. The combination of long hours and dangerous environment make it important for these workers to use caution on the job site at all times.

A common cause of injuries on construction sites are accidents to workers while they are using a ladder. Falling from a ladder can cause serious injury, and possibly long-term complications. It is important to use proper safety techniques while using a ladder on a construction site.

Safety Tips to Avoid a Ladder Accident

Some tips to stay safe and accident-free on a construction site in Dallas while using a ladder are:

  • Set-up the ladder. Before using a ladder, be sure it is set up properly. Inspect the ladder to ensure it is secure and not likely to wobble. Be sure any locks are secured and that the ladder is not broken or worn in any spots.
  • Use the correct ladder. Using the proper ladder for the job will ensure a safer work area. Use a step stool or stepladder for short heights. Do not use metal or aluminum ladders around electricity. Always be sure to check the weight-bearing capacity of the ladder before climbing.
  • Stay clutter-free. When using a ladder, the work area should be clean and free of clutter. A worker’s chances of slipping, tripping, or dropping something increase when there is clutter, tools, or equipment in the work area.

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