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Texas Truck Accident Evidence Includes a Driver Black Box

Texas Truck Accident Evidence There are many reasons why it is important that you hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible if either you or someone you love has been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth truck wreck. The longer you delay hiring an attorney, the more chance there is that you might make an innocent mistake which could cost you your claim. Just importantly, of course, is the fact that the more time which elapses between the crash occurring and you securing legal representation, the more evidence will disappear.

The sooner you hire a Dallas 18 wheeler lawyer, the better. Even though the police will conduct an inspection of the crash scene and compile a report immediately following the collision, so too will the trucking company. Motor carriers have investigators on retainer throughout Texas so that as soon as one of their drivers is involved in a multi-vehicle accident, they can be on site within mere hours, collecting a record of all evidence which supports their version of events; that it was not their driver who was at fault.

If you delay hiring a lawyer to fight for your best interests, then you risk loosing some of the valuable proof which supports the true version of what happened; that it was indeed the trucker who was negligent. Over time, however, evidence fades. Tire marks get washed from the road, vehicles get repaired and witnesses’ memories fade. Perhaps most importantly of all is the fact that the truck’s on-board computer (similar to an airplane’s black box) could be lost or erased of all information surrounding the crash.

Texas Truck Accident Evidence Includes a Driver Black Box

Almost every 18 wheeler, semi truck and tractor trailer which is licensed to operate in Texas is equipped with an Electronic Control Module (ECM). The ECM records an incredible amount of data which can often prove vital in successfully winning an innocent truck wreck accident victim the full and fair compensation they deserve. ECMs store information such as the minute-to-minute speed of the big rig, an accurate account of the driver’s hours on and off duty, and significant events such as hard brakes and sudden seatbelt tension. If it was indeed the truck driver whose negligence caused your crash and subsequent injuries, recovering this information can be invaluable.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of catches. Most ECMs are only equipped to store this data for up to 30 days, meaning that if you wait more than a month to hire an attorney, there is a very good chance that the date of your crash might already have been erased. Also, since the ECM is legally the property of the motor carrier company, they have absolutely no duty to preserve this evidence unless you have a court order. That’s right: ridiculously, there is absolutely nothing which prohibits the negligent trucking company from destroying the evidence. Hiring an experienced Dallas truck wreck attorney ASAP is a must.

It is imperative that you do not delay. Speak to a lawyer today and give yourself the head start you need to make sure the trucking company pays you every penny you’re owed. For a FREE consultation, call the personal injury lawyers at Guajardo & Marks at 972-774-9800.