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Technology to Help Prevent Rear-End Auto Accidents

Technology to Help Prevent Rear-End Auto AccidentsRear-end crashes are one of the most common types of auto accidents. As an experienced Dallas car accident lawyer I have seen many hundreds of accident victims seriously hurt during a rear-end accident.

Fortunately, safety experts and researchers have been working to find ways to prevent these dangerous crashes. One study, designed and performed at Georgia Tech, was designed to find out what human behaviors lead to rear-end crashes. Their research showed that unless the difference in speed between the driver’s car and the car in front of them is at least 8 MPH, the driver is unable to detect if the car in front of them is going slower than they are.

Technology to Help Prevent Rear-End Auto Accidents

Armed with the findings from the study, the student researchers worked to determine the best way to prevent a rear-end car crash. One idea that seems to have taken hold is the installation of an on-board computer that works to prevent rear-end accidents.

The computer works by tracking a driver’s unique driving behaviors such as how a driver uses their breaks, steers their car, and shifts gears. With this information, the computer can warn the driver to apply the brakes when a sensor in the vehicle indicates that the car in front of them is traveling slower than they are.

If the technology works, rear-end accident rates in Dallas and across the nation could drop significantly. This would mean fewer people injured and killed during these serious accidents.

The staff and attorneys at the Dallas personal injury law firm of Guajardo & Marks hope that this technology, and other innovations like it, will help reduce the rate of back and neck injuries that rear-end accidents cause.

As a Dallas car accident lawyer I have seen, firsthand, the terrible impact these injuries can have on an accident victim’s life. Too often, they are unable to return to work for quite some time. This situation is devastating. One way to prevent it is to make sure that the insurance company gives you the compensation you need.

If you have been hurt during a Dallas car accident, please do not hesitate to call 972-774-9800. Our attorneys will do our best to ensure that you are compensated for injuries and losses associated with the crash. Do not allow the insurance company to give you less than you deserve; call today.