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Pedestrians Suffer Serious Injuries After Dallas Truck Accidents

Pedestrians Suffer Serious Injuries After Dallas Truck AccidentsAs a pedestrian, you have a right to walk or run on a sidewalk safely. Unfortunately, sometimes a negligent driver will lose control of their vehicle or fail to use proper caution when close to a crosswalk or sidewalk. One of the most frequent examples I see of this as a Dallas personal injury attorney is that of a semi-truck or big rig popping the curb as its driver attempts to make a right-hand turn at too tight an angle. Other common reasons behind pedestrian versus truck crashes include intoxicated or distracted drivers.

In every situation, there is a strong argument to be made that the CDL driver was at-fault, which means the injured pedestrian is entitled to make a claim for compensation with the aid of an experienced Dallas personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.

Pedestrians Suffer Serious Injuries After Dallas Truck Accidents

If an 18-wheeler, tractor trailer or other type of truck hits a pedestrian, the injuries suffered will typically be severe. Pedestrians have absolutely no protection from an 80,000 lbs vehicle, and pedestrians struck by a truck will frequently not just be knocked down or run-over, but also crushed between the truck and another stationary object. As a Dallas truck wreck lawyer, I know that the injuries suffered by pedestrians struck by a heavy goods vehicle commonly involve injuries to the victim’s head, legs, and arms. Common injuries include:

  • blunt force trauma
  • traumatic brain injury
  • back or spinal cord injury
  • paraplegia
  • quadriplegia
  • coma
  • fractures

Such injuries can all result in significant medical costs, not to mention the huge impact they might have on their future. For many accident victims, they are unable to return to the work they were doing before the accident, which may result in lost wages. Some victims are left permanently disabled, meaning they are not just never able to return to work, but that they also require constant medical care – putting further strain on their close family members to either provide this essential care themselves, or to find the money to pay a professional nurse.

Even in fatal pedestrian accidents, the surviving family members may end up suffering financially due to the medical costs before death occurred in addition to the sudden loss of the deceased’s financial contributions to their household.

The Dallas trucking accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks can provide you the support, guidance, and advice needed to get the compensation for catastrophic injuries you deserve from the accident that’s left you in your current state. Call us now to set up a consultation at 972.774.9800.