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How to Report a Car Safety Concern

How to Report a Car Safety ConcernIf you have a concern about the safety of your vehicle, car seat, tire or any piece of auto equipment, it is crucial that you report this concern as soon as possible.

While you should report your vehicle related safety concern to the dealership or manufacturer, it is also very important that you file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Why It’s Crucial to Report a Vehicle Safety Concern to the NHTSA

When you report your concerns to the NHTSA, your complaint is added to other similar safety complaints. The NHTSA carefully tracks these complaints. If it’s warranted, or when the volume of complaints on a safety issue becomes excessive, the agency can begin an investigation and, possibly, issue a recall.

Without reports from consumers like you, the NHTSA wouldn’t have the information it needs to protect motorists from dangerous defects.

How to Report a Car Safety Concern

Entering a complaint with the NHTSA, either online or by phone, will ensure that your safety concern is heard.  Do you wonder if others have also filed your complaint? The NHTSA maintains a database of current and ongoing defect investigations, safety recalls, and the number of complaints filed for your car seat, auto, or auto part. This can help you decide on which car seat to buy for your child, or can let you know that others are having the same safety concerns that you are.

The Dallas vehicle defect attorneys at Guajardo & Marks wish that manufacturers would work harder to produce defect-free autos, car seats, and auto parts. Until then, we urge you to be proactive when it comes to auto safety. Protect yourself by filing a complaint for any safety concerns and searching for active auto and car seat recalls that may affect you.

If you believe that an unsafe vehicle, car seat or car part has caused your Dallas car accident or made it worse than it should have been, contact a Dallas car defect lawyer with the resources and experience you need. Time is of the essence; call 972-774-9800 today to schedule your free consultation.