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How to Pack Your Pooch for a Summer Road Trip

These days, we don’t give a second thought to using a seatbelt; it’s a given for every occupant of the car. But what about Fido, your furry four-legged friend?

Surely you want your dog, and your family, to be as safe as possible. But what is the best way to keep everyone in your car protected from harm?

Buckle Up for Safety, Pooch!

There are many ways to keep dogs safe in the car. One method that has been rising in popularity is a specially made harness. The harness restrains the dog using the car’s seatbelt. This system is desirable as it keeps the dog in the seat, and out of your lap. Also, it keeps the animal from flying around the vehicle in the event of an accident.

This is dangerous for the dog and for anyone riding in the car. An animal, no matter how small, will fly through the air the same speed the car was traveling, slamming into anything in its path. According to the American Automobile Association, a dog weighing 10 pounds will strike with a force 50 times its weight during an accident that occurs at 50 mph.

Another way to restrain the dog in the car is to keep it in the rear of the vehicle using a dog crate. This a good way to keep the dog out from under the brake pedal, but in the event of an accident the dog can be critically injured as it slams against the inside of the kennel.

When You Stop for a Rest Break

When you stop to get food or use the bathroom, don’t leave the dog in the car. Even a car with slightly lowered windows can heat up fast, causing the dog to get ill, or even suffer heatstroke and die. Take Fido for a walk, keep your car in the shade, or choose a stop where you can all enjoy a snack together on a patch of grass.

As a Dallas car accident attorney, I have seen nearly every type of auto accident and know how important it is to buckle up every passenger, both two-legged or four-legged.

If you, or your dog, have been hurt during a car crash in Dallas or anywhere in North Texas, contact a Dallas accident lawyer with the skills, compassion, and resources to fight for your rights. One free consultation may be all it takes to lift your burden and ease your mind. Call 977-774-9800 today; your life is waiting.