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Four Common Causes for Construction Accidents in Dallas

There are industries that require a certain type of worker—a worker who is willing to work long hours, at work that is difficult and physically intense. The construction industry requires this type of worker. Many who work in construction find the job to be a very rewarding one, but it can also be very dangerous. Because of the environment and work conditions, Dallas construction accidents are actually quite common.

Four Common Causes for Construction Accidents in DallasBeing injured on a construction site is an unfortunate but common part of working in the industry. Someone who has worked around construction has probably been injured himself, or has seen someone injured.

Four common causes for construction site accidents in Dallas are:

  • Ladders – Workers who are going up and down ladders are almost always at risk of an injury. The ladder can fall away from a scaffold or building, causing injury. Injuries can also occur from an individual carrying an item that is heavy up and down the ladder, causing him to fall or injure his back.
  • Machinery – Defective machinery, inadequate training or failure to provide the exact safety equipment are common causes of injuries that are caused by machinery on a construction site.
  • Falling Debris – On a construction site, there are many moving parts, equipment and tools. As workers hammer, drill and nail, debris can come free and fall from heights. When this debris lands on another worker, it can cause serious injury.
  • Falling – Construction sites often require workers to be high up while performing their work. Falling from these heights can be very dangerous. Injuries that are suffered from falling are usually very severe and can sometimes cause death.

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