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Faulty Brakes Can Cause Serious Accidents

Faulty Brakes Can Cause Serious AccidentsAs Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyers, Michael Guajardo and Greg Marks have seen many different auto accidents. Some are the fault of the driver, while others are the fault of mechanical failures. You trust your brakes to stop your vehicle whenever you use them. But what happens when you step on your brakes, and it doesn’t do what you expect them to do?

Many types of car, truck and motorcycle wrecks occur when your brakes fail to operate. You may slide into the vehicle in front of you, or you may end up driving into an intersection causing other cars from the intersecting road to hit you. Such crashes can cause both you, your passengers and any other vehicles’ occupants serious injuries such as whiplash, joint damage, concussion, or worse – death.

If you’ve recently been involved in a crash due to improper operation of your brakes (or the

brakes of another driver’s vehicle), you may be able to seek compensation by building a strong case with the aid of an an experienced vehicle defect attorney.

Your Rights as the Victim of a Mechanical Problem

When you purchase a vehicle, the manufacturer of that vehicle has a responsibility to ensure that the product they are selling you is safe. In a very real way, you are entrusting your life and the lives of your loved ones to them. If your car’s brakes fail, you have a legitimate reason to hold them accountable for the maximum compensation available to you under Texas law.

Often times, brake problems are not caught before release. Unfortunately, these problems only become known as a result of an accident – when it’s too late to do anything about it. At this time, the manufacturer will have its insurance company review the claim that their brakes are faulty to make a decision if it was truly the cause of the manufacturer or someone else.

Sometimes, repair shops may be responsible for a crash when they work on a vehicle’s braking system, but do not adequately test their work upon completion. Not ensuring all mechanical parts of a vehicle are working properly can set someone up for a serious accident, and a lawsuit against the repair shop.

When you work with a Dallas personal injury lawyer, you will share the details of your case to make a liability determination. Liability can be the manufacturer of the car, dealership owner, repair shop, or anyone else responsible for the safe operation of your brakes.

Only an experienced attorney in faulty brake cases can help you win your case. It can get complicating, and insurance companies will attempt to avoid liability. Having someone that knows how to present the facts clearly and strongly can help you get what you deserve in your auto accident claim.

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