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Evidence Needed for a Dallas Construction Injury Lawsuit

Evidence Needed for a Dallas Construction Injury LawsuitDallas construction workers do not have the average job. Every time they clock in, there is a certain element of danger they must face, knowing that thousands of construction workers are injured in Texas every year. To a construction worker, this is just an accepted part of the job. They go about their day focused and working hard.

Although danger is a part of the job, this doesn’t mean that injuries and accidents should occur. After following all safety standards and procedures, construction workers in Dallas are still injured. Many times the accident happens at no fault of the worker.

When accidents injuries happen, someone should be held responsible. A construction site injury victim in Dallas can file a lawsuit in order to be compensated for their losses. When filing a lawsuit, the victim should have the following evidence to solidify their case:

  • Pictures—As with any type of accident, pictures can play a big part of proving fault. Properly taken pictures can be nearly impossible for the opposition to dispute. Multiple pictures from multiple angles should be taken and provided to a Dallas construction injury attorney.
  • Witnesses—Construction workers usually do not work alone. If an accident occurs, there is often someone nearby that witnessed the accident. A detailed statement should be taken from the witness.
  • Past victims—If there was anyone else that has been injured working for the same company or same job site, contact them and get a statement. Their testimony will help show the negligence of the party at fault.
  • Expert testimony—An expert testimony, a statement by an expert in a field pertaining to your accident, will help solidify your case.

If you have become a victim of a catastrophic injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. An experienced construction injury attorney at Guajardo & Marks can get you the compensation you deserve. Call 972-77-9800 today for a free case evaluation.