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Electronic Stability Control Can Prevent Semi Accidents

Electronic Stability Control Can Prevent Semi AccidentsAs we have discussed before, large trucks have the unfortunate habit of rolling over and jackknifing. These types of Texas truck accidents have the potential to injure and kill those who are involved in them. As an experienced Dallas semi accident attorney I know that the majority of the time these accidents could have been avoided.

As is often the case, technology may hold the answer to stopping rollover and jackknife accidents before they happen.

Stability Control Tested for Large Truck Accident Prevention

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently tested the effectiveness of several electronic stability control (ESC) systems. The systems are designed to recognize when a truck is unstable and, without any action on the part of the driver, correct the instability.

The system is integrated into the truck’s braking system. It has the ability to slow a vehicle that is entering a turn too quickly, or apply individual brakes to better steer the truck. In tests done by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), researcher found that when drivers had the system in place, they were six times more likely to avoid a jackknife truck accident.

Why ESC Has Not Been Installed on All Large Trucks

As with any new safety feature, the costs associated with ESC can be high. While most new semi-trucks come equipped with electronic stability control, switching an older truck over to the automated system can be expensive.

The Dallas serious injury lawyers at Guajardo & Marks hope that the trucking industry works hard to implement safety feature such as ESC. Embracing a life-saving technology such as this may contain an upfront cost, but it has the potential to pay for itself by preventing dangerous, and expensive, semi-truck accidents.

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