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Dangerous Power Tools Lead to Construction Site Injuries

Dangerous Power Tools Lead to Construction Site InjuriesNo matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents just happen. Unfortunately, when those accidents happen while using a power tool, the consequences can be severe.

As a Dallas personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, I’ve seen too many cases of employees being injured by power tools on the job. The victim comes away injured, incurs expensive medical bills and loses much income due to the time they were forced to spend in the hospital, recovering from their injuries. A few of the various power tools frequently associated with such accidents include:

  • chainsaws, jigsaws, band saws and table saws
  • electric sanders
  • jackhammers
  • power drills
  • nail guns
  • air compressors
  • floor buffers
  • power wrenches


All professional construction workers are generally used to working around potentially dangerous tools and other equipment and know to take the proper precautions. As an employee of a construction company, you should have received ample training to minimize your risk of injury. Some of the most basic safety guidelines when working with or around power tools include:

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear. This typically includes goggles, earplugs, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toed shoes on construction sites.
  • Make sure your tools are functioning properly and are being maintained.
  • Only use tools you are trained to use. Utilizing a tool you are not schooled in can lead to injury.
  • Before using a tool, check its cord and any other attachments for damage, wear or tear. Damaged cords or parts can shock you.
  • Keep your work area clean. Clutter and disorganization can lead to dangerous, accident-prone conditions.
  • When cleaning a tool or changing its blade, unplug it. The accidental flip of a switch can cause severe injury if you don’t.
  • When done with a tool, store it safely away from high-traffic areas where they could trip or endanger someone. Usually, putting it on a shelf is your best option.

Your Right to Recover Compensation

Under Texas law, your employer should have a workers comp insurance policy to protect their employees in the event of a power tool or other construction site accident. It is always wise to consult with a Dallas construction accident attorney prior to accepting any payment from your employer just to make sure that a workers comp policy does exist. If so, then the amount of compensation you are entitled to is limited. If your employer does not actually have worker’s comp, you may be entitled to sue them and recover significantly more damages for your medical expenses, lost income as well as additional compensation for your pain and suffering.

Even if your employer does have workers comp, an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney will also be able to tell you whether you are entitled to make a claim for additional compensation against another party – such as another contractor employed by a different company, or the manufacturer or owner of the defective power tools which caused your injury.

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