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Dallas Car Defect Lawyer Discusses the Texas Lemon Law

Dallas Car Defect Lawyer Discusses the Texas Lemon Law As a Dallas personal injury attorney who often represents clients who have been injured during an accident in a defective or dangerous vehicle, we are very familiar with the lemon law.

A “lemon” is any car that has mechanical issue after mechanical issue, frequently leaving you, as the car’s owner, without the use of your new car. Getting a lemon is frustrating and, in some cases, can be dangerous.

Exactly What the Federal and State Lemon Laws Cover

The lemon law is a federal law that applies to every state, including Texas. The law covers vehicles that “repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.” The federal law only pertains to mechanical defects in a car. This means that the law does not cover chipping paint or other cosmetic problems.

The state lemon law in Texas provides additional protection, covering:

  • Towable recreational vehicles that are licensed and registered in Texas
  • Both new and demonstrator models, if problems surface during manufacturer’s warranty
  • Motor homes, ATVs, motorcycles, trucks and cars
  • Used cars, but only if they are still covered under manufacturer’s original warranty

In Texas, the lemon law does not cover vehicles under an extended warranty, whether it was purchased new or used.

Filing for Consumer Protection

You may be able to file for consumer protection under the Texas lemon law if:

  • The same issue with the same part continues after being repaired four or more times
  • The mechanical issue is a danger to those who ride in or drive the vehicle
  • The defect limits the use of the vehicle and decreases its market value
  • The vehicle has been in the repair shop for a total of 30 days or more

Buying a defective car is not only frustrating, it can be downright dangerous.

If you have been hurt during an accident in Dallas or anywhere in Texas and you suspect that a defect in your vehicle caused the accident or made it worse, please call 972-774-9800 today. During your free consultation with an experienced Dallas car defect lawyer, we will work to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. Do not settle for second best; call today.