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Dallas Accidents Caused by Brake Defects

Dallas Accidents Caused by Brake DefectsAs an attorney, I know that motor vehicle defects involving a car or pickup truck’s braking system are a leading cause of serious injury-causing auto accidents. In many cases, the malfunctioning vehicle are somewhat recently purchased, yet the brake pads and rotors are worn out to the point of being unable to stop while driving. While manufacturers often do recalls to correct re-occurring problems after the release of a car model, some issues are never addressed. This is unfortunate as it costs many Americans thousands of dollars in liability claims.

When a driver purchases a new vehicle, he or she trusts that it will give them reliable means of transportation. Since they bought it new, they also trust they won’t have any mechanical problems for quite some time. Unfortunately, as a motor vehicle defect attorney, I know that isn’t necessarily always the case.  Many new vehicles – irrespective of manufacturer or model – experience mechanical problems shortly after purchase which is so serious that it causes the driver to have a wreck which they cannot avoid.

Dallas Accidents Caused by Brake Defects

In the case of traffic collisions caused by faulty brakes and/or premature rotor rear issues, the driver might just be driving down the street as usual, press on the brake and suddenly feel shaking and jerking in the steering wheel. There may also be loud screeching from the wheels as metal to metal grind together. The car may not stop when the brakes are applied, or the car may jerk into a direction not intended, which then leads to a crash. While brake and rotor wear does naturally occur over time, the consequences of such wear can sometimes happen suddenly without warning.

At first glance, an accident in which a driver is unable to stop or control his or her vehicle, all involved believe it was the fault of the motorist behind the wheel of the defective and out-of-control vehicle. However, on closer inspection (and often with the aid of an experienced motor vehicle defect lawyer), the real cause of the accident is exposed. Unfortunately, proving it to the other driver’s insurance company and placing blame on the car manufacturer is what isn’t as easy to do.

Seeking a knowledgeable Dallas personal injury lawyer experienced in handling claims against negligent auto manufacturers is critical in order to build a strong case to allow you to recover the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries. When you are able to prove your braking system was the cause of the accident, you will be able to release liability, and your insurance company will not fault you. This could save you thousands of dollars both now and well into the future.

If you believe you’ve had an accident due to premature brake and rotor wear, contact an injury attorney at Guajardo & Marks. With a free consultation, we can review your case, determine if you have sufficient evidence your car manufacturer is at fault, and guide you through the rest of the claims process. Call us toll free at 877-290-1382 today, so you can get the retribution you deserve from an accident that was not your fault.