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Put Your Junk in the Trunk

Put your presents in the trunk
Put your presents in the trunk

We are not talking about eating more holiday cookies; we mean the packages, children’s toys, coffee mugs, and other items that are floating around your car. You know, the things that you mean to put away, to take out of your car, but never do? Perhaps you have been driving around, filling the passenger seat with newly bought Christmas gifts, not thinking about how the presents could harm more than your bank account.

The Accident Injury Factor you Have Never Considered

As Dallas car accident attorneys, we have seen the very real danger the junk in your car can pose. During a crash, any loose items in the car take flight, striking other objects at the same speed you were traveling. For example, let’s say you left the house in a rush and grabbed your mug of coffee to drink on the go. Finishing the coffee, you put the mug down on the seat next to you. No harm in that, right?

Well, if you are hit by another car or truck as you head down the highway, the seemingly harmless coffee mug can become airborne and hit you, your child, or a passenger at a high rate of speed. The same goes for the drill you just bought as a gift, the gallon of milk in a bag next to you, and the unsecured, empty car seat sitting behind you.

Put Your Junk in the Trunk

If your car has a trunk or your packages would be alright in the bed of your truck, please put them there. While it’s convenient to toss items onto the passenger seat or floor of the car, in the event of an accident they can easily become dangerous projectiles. Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers ask that you please consider taking the following actions to protect yourself:

  • Secure all car seats and boosters with a seatbelt when not in use
  • Use attachable storage bags in the backseat to store children’s items such as toys, books and cups
  • Always put purchases in the truck of your car or bed of your truck
  • Properly secure all DVD players and other devices used by children in backseat

We hope that the information in this article will help you take a more critical look at the items in your car. Always ask yourself, “Could this item hurt me if it became airborne?”

The Dallas car accident attorneys of Guajardo & Marks, we want you to be safe and arrive accident free each time you drive; however, we realize that this is not always the case. If you have been involved in an accident in Dallas or anywhere in Texas you have rights. To protect these rights and get the compensation you need, call 972-774-9800 today for free legal advice that could save you more than you know.