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Crane Accidents Pose Serious Threat to Dallas Construction Workers

Crane Accidents Pose Serious Threat to Dallas Construction WorkersIf you work on or near cranes at a construction site, you know that while they are crucial to many projects, cranes can be dangerous.

A study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed how, and why, crane accidents occur. The types of cranes covered in the study include:

  • Mobile
  • Truck
  • Rail-mounted
  • Overhead

In 2006, 26 deaths were reported in connection with accidents involving a mobile, truck, or rail-mounted crane. In the same year, accidents involving overhead cranes accounted for 19 deaths.

Who’s at Risk for Being Injured in a Crane Accident?

Of the workers who lost their lives during a crane accident, general construction laborers were most at risk. The breakdown of crane accident fatalities in 2006 is as follows:

  • Construction laborers (10 deaths)
  • Electricians (8 deaths)
  • Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers (6 deaths)
  • Crane and tower operators (3 deaths)

Twenty-six fatalities were associated with crane accidents that occurred in the private construction industry in 2006. Of these, six workers lost their lives while working on highway, street, and bridge construction. Manufacturing and mining operations in the private sector had a total of 24 crane accident-related deaths that same year.

Texas Tops Deadly Crane Accident List

Our Dallas construction accident attorneys know that Texas construction sites can be more dangerous than those in other states. The study demonstrated this, showing that Texas had the most fatal occupational injuries involving cranes. In all, 42 workers in Texas lost their lives in a crane-related incident from 2003 to 2006. The next closest state, Florida, had 27 similar fatalities.

Clearly, a crane accident on a Dallas construction site is a very real threat to Texas construction workers. If you have lost a loved one or have been hurt during an accident involving a crane in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, protect your rights and ensure that your employer is held accountable for any safety violations.

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